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Buffer zones will be created around religious places: Vijai




Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai, on Friday, said that buffer zones would be created around the religious places in the state, for preventing structures from coming up in their vicinity.

Speaking during the visit to the under-construction project site of Milroc Colina, next to Pillar Seminary, Sardesai said that “there should be buffer zones around the religious places so that constructions would not come up in their vicinity.”

He informed that “complaints were lodged by the villagers, local MLA Francis Silveira and Pillar Seminary stating that a housing project is being constructed by a builder by name Milroc Colina in the village in violation of rules.”

“Accordingly, I have come here with the officials of the Town and Country Planning Department to inspect the site. The locals and Pillar society say they do not want this housing project here as it is an eyesore, which would put pressure on basic amenities like water supply, power supply, sewerage network and transport,” he added.

Sardesai, who visited the construction site, with Congress MLA Francis Silveira in the presence of villagers and priest of Pillar Seminary, said that the show cause notice would be issued to the builder, who is coming up with the huge project.

St Andre MLA Francis Silveira had raised the issue on the floor of the House, and Sardesai had assured of action on that.

“We will issue show cause notice to the builder. We will list out all the illegalities committed by the builder. The issue would be placed before the TCP Board meeting on December 11,” the Minister told media persons at the site.

He said that his department will ensure that buffer zones are created to prevent constructions near the religious places.

Sardesai recalled that he had also taken up an issue of huge bungalows being constructed next to Curca church, which is an architectural marvel.

Referring to the issue of Pillar, Sardesai said, “We are with the people. We are with Pillar Seminary. Even if there is any slight deviation, then we will stop the work of the particular housing project.”

He pointed out that the Congress government, in its Regional Plan 2021, had allowed the construction next to the Pillar Seminary in 2011.

“We need to work by respecting the local sentiments.  We need planned development by taking into consideration the local sentiments,” he said, and added that the under-construction project at Pillar will also put pressure on the village infrastructure.

“These builders are not from Goa. They don’t understand sensibility. Last one year this issue has been going on,” he added.

Silveira said that “when Pillar society had written a letter to me, I had approached the last government.”

“Sardesai had promised me that he would close down the project if there were illegalities,” he added.

The minister directed the TCP officials to submit the report of the particular project after compiling violations and illegalities done by the project proponent.


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