Thursday , 22 February 2018
Bruno Azaredo,  all set to lead the  Carnival parade

Bruno Azaredo, all set to lead the Carnival parade


Carnival creates a completely different atmosphere in Goa, pumping in life and energy into the mundane streets. You will find people dancing to the beat of music, while the Carnival floats at the parade are not only entertaining, but also give away a social message.

This celebration is said to be incomplete without the King Momo. Considered to be the ‘King of Carnival’ with whose command the four-day festival is declared open, the task of choosing the deserving candidate is a huge responsibility reserved for a special selection committee.

This year cosmetic developer from Utorda, Bruno Azaredo has been selected to lead the carnival parade in four major towns of Goa – Panaji, Margao, Vasco and Mapusa. “I am very excited and look forward to some great floats; moreover I am expecting a lot more participation from the people. Over the years the floats in Goa have declined and there is a need for more and more people to come forward, support and be part of the grand celebration,” says Bruno, who has participated as a dancer for several floats in the past and has also represented Goa at the Republic Day Parade in Delhi. Bruno was also part of the opening float of Asian Cup in the year 1988 in Delhi.

Speaking about the selection process Bruno says: “there was an advertisement on the newspapers and I applied for it. After several auditions and rounds I was selected to become the king. We were asked to speak about ourselves and what work we have been doing and what are the activities that we are involved in. This year there were many people representing various parts of Goa. Every Taluka had a participant it was like people of Goa really are interested in joining the week-long festive saga.”

Bruno also mentions that in the last few years the glamour of Carnival has dropped. “In the 80s there were many people who would work to make innovative floats and dance to the tunes of Konkani music. It was like the entire community would come to life. There were so many people who would come to witness this festivity. In recent times things have changed, there is a different crowd at different places. There is a need to unite Goa and the people to rejoice in the celebration,” concludes Bruno.

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