Brunchin by the seaside

After a hectic week, it’s a great idea to unwind for an elaborate Sunday Brunch at Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa, relaxing by the sea-side, amidst greenery

Danuska Da Gama

Though Caravela translates to a ship developed in the 15th century built by the Portuguese, but here in Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa the restaurant lets you explore your appetite and take you on a culinary pleasure trip.

Overlooking the Arabian Sea, the sound of the waves and the sight of the ocean merging into the sky, is definitely an add-on for the Sunday Brunch in Candolim (. From the lobby area, I enjoyed the ride in the buggy through the property.

There was such a Goan feeling with the interiors and decor, that you almost begin to feel like you are in some Goan home. Add to that, is nice soothing music being played live.

The counters are many, from salads and a live pasta counter, to a large spread of dishes that range from a few starters and main course and my favourite dessert bar. It’s great in terms of variety, both; the number of items and the cuisines it covers, including vegetarian and non vegetarian variants. From local Goan xitt, pineapple sasanv, etc, to oriental cuisine with hunan chilly fish and some stir fry and Singapore noodles. Indian cuisine had a plethora of dishes that Sunday.

It can be quite tiresome if you want to cover everything and therefore, I began with what I like most and then tried new dishes. Unless you try something new, how will you ever know the taste of a dish, and then make up your mind if you like it or not? So priced at Rs 1800 + taxes (no alcohol), it’s a good time to splurge on yourself in the company of friends or family.

So some cream of chicken soup with almonds with some bread sticks is what I opted for. Light and hearty, it took away the hunger pangs as I then went to the salad bar. While I enjoyed the salads prepared already like the beetroot and citrus salad, you can also make your own salad there. When you have a crazy friend along with you, curd rice, a southern favourite made its way to my plate, and was pretty refreshing.

For those who love some Middle Eastern spread, head straight for some hummus and baba ganoush with bread. You can get your pasta made in the mean time with the choice of ingredients and sauce. So, it’s like the way you want it.

I skipped a few known dishes and tried the unknown, from lasooni dal tadka, kaju kishmis pulao, and Vilayati subz bagicha that were bursting with flavours. The dal had a strong flavour of the garlic, and while the pulao was fragrant, the dry fruits and ghee gave it a very nice taste. There’s fresh roti made and served on the table and thus the lunch can be very heavy.

A tip here: Walk out to the balcony and experience the waves lash against the boundary wall of the resort. Or, still better…walk out onto the lawns and relax for a bit and come back for your next serving.

After all this, I made sure there was place left for sweets. The range and variety here could definitely make you lethargic and commit a sin of gluttony. From Indian sweets and mithai like double ka meetha and pumpkin halwa, to some cakes, kiwi caramel custard, and of course the regular offerings of fruits and ice cream, I walked to and from this counter three times.

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