Thursday , 17 October 2019
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Bringing creativity in classrooms

Director, Butterfly Edufields, K Sharat Chandra was one of the speakers at the recently concluded ‘Difficult Dialogues 2019’. NT BUZZ gets talking to him about the changes needed to make learning fun and interesting


In  2008 a chemical engineer from IIT Bombay and a post graduate in Management from IIM Ahmedabad, K Sharat Chandra started Butterfly Edufields in Hyderabad; a social enterprise with the mission to bridge the learning divide, offering innovative, affordable and inclusive solutions, for students and teachers.

Over the years they have expanded their reach to states like Telengana, Maharasthra, Tami Nadu, Karnataka, Assam, West Bengal etc

Having been a part of the recent Difficult Dialogues session on ‘Curriculum and Pedagogy’, Chandra believes that there is a need to move towards a smarter curriculum; one that includes content, pedagogy and assessment, besides, being flexible and providing options to adapt as per different learning styles. “We need to have mechanisms which can help to assess the implementation of objectives in real time. There is a need to also have a system to keep refining it at the required frequency (every year or biannually so that the not so useful options can be weeded out),” he says.

Chandra also pondered on whether like food sachets that have nutritional information, can a world with such modules/sachets of curriculum be envisaged for teachers and students in learning videos, games, Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs), DIY, demonstration models, pedagogy styles, etc

Further, stressing on the need for teachers to improve their skills of teaching he says: “By creative continuous learning structures in institutions, spending 2 per cent of the school annual budget for it, and on systems to acquire feedback from all stakeholders (internal and external) and setting up of mentor – mentee systems so that fresh teachers are imbibed into the culture is needed.”

Chandra, who was awarded ‘Engineer of the Year’ in 2017 by Institution of Engineers, Telangana, is also a recipient of the ‘Vocational Excellence Award’, 2013 by Rotary Club – Bhagyanagar, Hyderabad, says that teaching methods should be adaptable and customisable to learning styles. “It should also focus on developing the capacities of teamwork, critical thinking, and communication in addition to meeting the learning goals of the curriculum,” he concludes.


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