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Book on constitution and good governance released

A Konkani book titled ‘Lokhabhimukh Sushasana Vaten’ written by advocate Yatish Naik was released at the hands of former Union Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde; former Home Minister of Maharashtra, Kripashankar Singh and former deputy chief minister of Goa Ramakant Khalap.

Ahead of the release, a video was played that highlighted the various sections and topics the writer has touched upon. Politicians and attendees shared their inputs about the book in the video.

While addressing the audience, Ramakant Khalap appreciated the author for excelling in various fields. “I have seen his work and it is quite good and he has evolved in all the fields that he is part of. As a lawyer he has a bright successful future. A good person by heart, in the coming years he can be a good politician too,” he said.

He also spoke about corruption in the country and stated that it is not just monopoly of one political party, but, all other parties including Congress.

Acknowledging the work of the young writer, Khalap appealed to the writer to translate the book in other languages so that it could reach the masses, and benefit the younger population. “The book can contribute to strengthen the nation as it sheds light on various aspects of the constitution,” he added.

Trying to the understand the mindset of the writer, Kripashankar Singh said: “Before writing this book he must have had some misery or problem that he has seen or gone through, which propelled him to write about the same in this book. In order to understand the aspects of the book one needs to read it.”

The keynote speaker, Shinde said that the Indian Constitution and Democracy has shaped his life to a great extent, while taking a dig at the Prime Minister. “As a peon I give credit for my success to the Constitution; unlike our PM who seldom gives credits to the Constitution for his success. The Constitution and Democracy need to go hand in hand, keeping in mind the well-being of the people.”

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