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The illuminated temple of Lord Bodgeshwar at the annual jatra in Mapusa on Sunday

Bodgeshwar jatra begins in Mapusa

MAPUSA: The famous five-day jatra of Lord Bodgeshwar began with religious fervor in Mapusa on Sunday. 

The zatra of Lord Bodgeshwar is considered as the guardian of Mapusa and is attended by people of all faiths.  The authorities have made elaborate arrangements for the smooth conduct of the festival.  Thousands of devotees flocked the temple to take blessings of Lord Bodgeshwar. This year is the 84th annual jatrotsav of Lord Bodgeshwar and the temple committee has built a new well. A big locker facility has been purchased. A turban made out of silver was offered to Lord Bodgeshwar. The tourism department has installed a highmast at the venue.

On Sunday afternoon the main jatrotsav of Lord Bodgeshwar began with offering of fruits and flowers by the police, fire department, CID and other organisations.  The huge fair which is one of the main attractions is spread across the fields in front of the temple.

On Saturday there was a celebration of the 26th installation of Lord Bodgeshwar wherein 51 couples performed kalash puja.

From Monday onwards various organisations such as temple committees, pickup rickshaw associations, fish vendors, drivers association, Mapusa municipality and vegetable vendors will perform ‘satya Narayan puja’ till Saturday.  Following the trend started from last year the temple committee has decided to have a plastic and dust free jatra this year.

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