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Blood stem cell registration drive at Resort Rio

Resort Rio in conjunction with ANUP and ALPA SHAH foundation organised a massive drive and obtained 701 volunteer donors from Goa registered with DATRI in its first ever five days Blood Stem Cell Registration. Blood Stem Cell Donation, if a match is found, can help save life of a patient suffering from Blood Cancer or someone with Thalassemia. The plight of 3 year old Veer Gudka, from London, who suffers from the rare genetic disorder Fanconi Anaemia and needs a bone marrow stem-cell transplant moved Anup and Alpa Shah so much that they decided to take on the cause so that the chances of finding a match increase if as many people as possible register. Less than 0.1% of the population is on the stem-cell register and severe shortage of finding a match are putting lives at risk. Alpa Shah, speaking at the Registration Drive, said, “Nobody should die waiting for a stem cell transplant especially people in India since the number of people who have registered in India is very low”.  Those interested in helping the cause and registering their details can contact Narayan Chodankar on 8888886096 an executive with the ANUP and ALPA SHAH FOUNDATION. NT

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