Thursday , 14 June 2018
Blessing the  first harvest

Blessing the first harvest

The festival ‘Konsachem Fest’ dates back almost 500 years. It was the day when the first sheaves of rice (konsa) are harvested and distributed to the people by the priest. At Our Lady of Snows Church, the feast was celebrated with great pomp and traditional fervour. There was a procession with a brass band through the village, and a small fair outside the church where people purchase earthen wear, khaje, grams and more.
Besides Raia, the feast is also celebrated in Taleigao. After the high mass the parish priest uses the sacred sickle to harvest the first few sheaves, which are then distributed to the people who place them on their altars at home. This sickle is said to have been sent by the Pope to Goa at the time when Goa was ruled by the Portuguese.

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