Tuesday , 21 May 2019
BJP chief assures solution in 15 days
BJP president Vinay Tendulkar addressing mining dependents near his flat at Khadpabandh-Ponda

BJP chief assures solution in 15 days



Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Vinay Tendulkar has assured mining dependents of coming out with a proper solution to the mining issue within 15 days.

The assurance was made by Tendulkar following a morcha by thousands of mining dependents to his residence at Khadpabandh-Ponda on Wednesday.

Demanding proper assurance over resumption of the mining or arranging a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the same, thousands of mining dependents marched to Vinay Tendulkar’s house.

During the meeting with the BJP president, mining dependents stated that they are tired of the assurances from the government since past one year and it is now high time that the government does something concrete for mining resumption. “If state BJP leaders can’t give proper assurances about amendment of MMDR Act for resumption of mining in the state, MPs in the state should arrange meeting with

Prime Minister Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah,” mining dependents urged the BJP president.

In response, Vinay Tendulkar stated that the government is already in the process of taking proper steps regarding resumption of the mining in the state for the benefit of the all mining dependents.

“We are tired of assurances and this will be last ultimatum. All the MPs in state will have to support mining dependents during their agitation at Delhi,” said Puti Gaonkar, president of Goa Mining People’s Front during the morcha.