Saturday , 25 May 2019

Bike festival- IBW 2017 to vroom into Goa

Over 20,000 bikers are expected to roar down to Goa to celebrate a week of riding, brotherhood, bikes, music and motoring heaven on November 24- 25 for the India Bike Week 2017. The event which is in its fifth year is touted to be the biggest biker rave in Asia.

It gives bikers a chance to meet with the toughest, the most adventurous men and women riders of this generation.  It is also that one week in the year when biking enthusiasts dust off their gear, rev up the machines and go party with friends.

The event is expected to see some of the greatest names in bike design and manufacture. Plus there will be the rarest biker and accessory shopping with music, barbecues, bikini bike wash, beer gardens, training academies, track racing and much more. The world’s fastest woman on Two Wheels – the incredible Leslie Porter is expected make a special appearance.

Meanwhile the organizing team has left no stone un-turned to celebrate the event with a roar. Lot of efforts will go into developing the Mod Bike Displays and Biker Build Off competitions to showcase the greatest names in two wheeler design. The week will have over 280 biking clubs from all over India. A flat track for racing has been built and an Enduro Track for training them.

Importantly the all new ‘innovation class’ of India-built biking tech has been created where three heroes will be selected to celebrate IBW’s prestigious ‘Honour Roll’. Legends of long distance, transnational trips will present India Bike Week’s first ever Film Festival.  Some of the world’s best biking and accessory brands have been invited to showcase their world class gear in an all new ‘Biker Mart and Expo’.

Martin da Costa, CEO of 70 EMG, and director of IBW, said “I’ve never been so excited by IBW as I am this year. We’ve been working on it since last November and we’ve thrown everything at it. It is going to be just one enormous party and I can’t wait to ride down to it. Who would have thought five years ago that IBW would become so big, so important globally, and such a fantastic celebration of Indian biking and bikers? It is a once in a lifetime festival and I can’t wait for it to roll by.

The tickets will be priced at Rs 1,750 for two days, inclusive of taxes. Bookings are on the IBW website from September 21.