Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Bicholim river bank beautification project awaits inauguration

Ramesh Savaikar | NT

BICHOLIM: The Bicholim river bank beautification project which includes protection wall on the river bank and a jogger’s track awaits inauguration as it has missed the scheduled deadline of June 15.

All preparations for the inaugural ceremony were completed in a hurry so that the project would not miss the inauguration date. However, as the WRD Minister was not available at the eleventh hour, the scheduled inauguration was cancelled.

Surprisingly, other programmes scheduled on June 15, being the birthday of Bicholim MLA Naresh Sawal  including inauguration of new ITI building at Vhalshi – Bicholim was held. However only the inauguration of Bicholim river beautification project completed at an estimated cost Rs 2.5 crore was cancelled.

The left side of the river beautification project has been done by fixing tiles and installing railings on both sides. The track can be used as a walking/joggers track and cover a distance of about 1.5 km.

Bicholim MLA Naresh Sawal expressed concern over the inauguration of the project. He alleged that the BJP government has always kept a bias attitude as far as Bicholim constituency and its development was concerned.

“The BJP is more bothered that I would get the credit for completing the beautification project and hence the inauguration is being delayed” MLA Sawal opined.

The jogger’s track would have been very useful for senior citizens and for the general public during the evenings. Unfortunately the project is still awaiting official inauguration at the hands of a BJP minister, Sawal said.

“The shifting of the Bicholim police station to the renovated old PHC building is also delayed due to a political motive. I am least bothered about deriving credit over development works.  All that I demand is that the people must get the required infrastructure and other facilities” Sawal opined.

A senior citizen Cajetan Vaz flayed the attitude of the government. He said, “Due to the attitude of the government the general public has to suffer.  Bicholim has been neglected by politicians with regard to education, health, sports and entertainment” opined Vaz.

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