Best practices for managers

The CII-Goa recently organized a one day workshop on managerial effectiveness.  How to be a Good Manager, was the topic of the workshop held at Hotel Fidalgo. The workshop was conducted by Suresh Mohan Semwal, NLP practitioner and co-founder, Possiblers.

The workshop pointed out that, some of the characteristics of effective managers include basic managerial skills, effective decision-making and communication along with factors like contribution and productivity. Apart from good managerial skills the event also addressed issues such as the journey towards ambition and learning the difference between being together and working together. The workshop aimed at providing participants with the required motivation to run their business successfully.

The objective of the workshop was to encourage industries to be leaders in managerial effectiveness and stay ahead of time by adopting the best practices at an early stage. Participants had ample opportunities to network and understand the best practices across multiple industrial verticals. A total of 20 firms nominated around 48 delegates for the day long workshop.

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