Thursday , 14 June 2018

Best blend of Goan and Mediterranean in eating out

Vasco based business man, Myron Teles latest venture Chi:Noa Kitchen looks set to be a super success among foodies, discovers Sudesh Bhosle

Chi:Noa Kitchen, a new all day dining restaurant based at airport road, Chicalim in Vasco is a neat package of everything healthy, affordable prices and a friendly ambience with charming and gracious hosts in Myron Teles and his wife Sadira Teles.

Myron who is the proprietor of the newest casual all day dining ‘Chi:Noa Kitchen’ restaurant has already established a name and trust with his well-stocked and quaint Teles Mega Store. He has extended his line of interests to offering a chic eatery to local residents.

The place is a longtime dream-come-true for the husband-wife duo, who were brewing the idea of a restaurant since the past five years. “Food has always been and is my passion,” remarks Myron. “It gives me and my half partners a creative high when we experiment with food from traditional cuisine by adding a bit of quirkiness by means of ingredients and how we cook or plate it”, he says.

Adding further, he discloses that quirkiness is seen in the chocolate mousse served with rock salt from the salt pans of Batim, beef burgers served with a dollop of Feijoada,  pulled chicken Cafrael in Poie amongst others. The restaurant offers a variety of salads, green juices, detox juices (which are cold pressed), smoothies, burgers (the patties are grilled and not deep fried), comfort foods with a contemporary twist along with plans to include grills, steaks and sea food soon.

“The soul of the kitchen is Goan with a garnish of the international”, explains Myron while describing the uniqueness of the place. “My mother Flora Teles was a wonderful cook and I think I have gotten the love of good food and taste from her. I believe in preserving the tastes of my childhood and in the process preserving history itself. I watched documentaries on food, read and learned as much as I could. I would try and understand the different business models of successful eateries, restaurants and startups so that I could effectively equip myself with knowledge.”

The restaurant’s interior is designed by architect Siddharth Paroolkar and is a blend of Goan and Mediterranean influences. The place exudes an ambience that quickly transports one into a nostalgic retro mood with curated objects which speak of Goan heritage and furniture with a swanky distressed look.

The strategic location of ‘Chi:Noa Kitchen’ on the airport road and few kilometers from the international Dabolim International is another plus for the eatery.

The road dotted with commercial establishments is frequented by many local as well as non-locals and hence is easy to spot by people looking for an eatery. Further the lush foliage inside the restaurant is a a boon to the nature-lover who does not mind getting enjoying food in a green landscape.

“We are looking at taking Chi:Noa Kitchen to other locations across Goa and also setting up a Franchise model,” says  Myron who has many ideas in the pipeline for his brainchild.

The name ‘Chi:Noa’ is a play on the health food Quinoa and also a portmanteau of Myron’s and Sadira’s children – daughter Chiara and son Noah and it speaks of the emotional connect that the place holds for the couple; so much so, the lovely altar in a nook of the eatery serves a gentle reminder of the family’s belief and stronghold.

“Chi:Noa Kitchen’ is pocket-friendly and one could enjoy light but distinctly crafted food for a decent price. The place is open from Sunday to Saturday with Tuesdays off and the working hours from 11 am to 11 pm.

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