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Benaulim locals protest failure of VP in conducting site inspection




Several Benaulim locals gathered at Mellant, on Monday, to protest against the failure of the village panchayat in conducting the scheduled inspection of a construction site.

The villagers are opposing the construction at the site as there is no approach road with a necessary width.

“The sarpanch and the panchayat secretary had fixed the inspection of the construction site today. But they did not turn up. We then called up the local panchayat member. He rushed to the site. When the panch phoned the sarpanch, he was informed that the panchayat inspection notice was not served on the owner of the project. Hence it was postponed. This is ridiculous,” said Rahul Rebello.

According to locals, the panchayat had passed the project of four villas, “but there is no clarity” about the site.

“This big project does not have approach road of proper width. And, what actually is coming up at the site, nobody knows,” said Sabina Rebello.

They, therefore, demanded inspection of the site so that the locals know about the project.

The local panch David Fernandes said that he is not aware of the project.

“I am with the locals here. We demand that till the panchayat carries out the inspection of the site, the work should be stopped,” said Fernandes adding that if the panchayat does any illegality, he will oppose it.

An activist Abijit Prabhudesai pointed out that the Chief Minister in his categorical statement has stated that projects having narrow approach roads will not be passed.

“We do not know how the TCP cleared the file, and how the panchayat has granted the construction licence for it,” Prabhudesai said.

He said it is sad that the locals have to take to streets over the project.

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