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While students participate in college and school events, they also get to showcase their talents on larger platform through youth festivals across the state. NT KURIOCITY spoke to a few youngsters to know what they think about these festivals

Such festivals definitely help improve one’s confidence and communication skills. I used to be a shy person but since I started participating in such festivals the confidence to speak to different people came naturally. These festivals are filled with diverse people from different regions of Goa and that exposes one to others from the same state. Communication is the key skill in enhancing one’s personality.

Akhil Sawant, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

Youth festivals have always given talented students a platform to showcase it. These events not only help showcase one’s talent but help students meet and connect with people from different backgrounds resulting in improved communication skills.

Mithilesh Nayak, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

These youth festivals in Goa are a good platform for the younger generation to showcase some of their skills and enhance their personality. The main motto of such festivals should be to discover young talents in our state and motivate them to aim higher in life.

Farah Mendonça, assistant professor of Economics at Rosary College of Commerce and Arts, Navelim

Youth festivals provide youth with a platform to express their creativity and test their aptitude. It also provides a competitive environment where they can experience healthy competition. It’s also a chance to interact with people from different fields and backgrounds. Youth are often in high pressure situations when trying to organise and participate in such events. This helps them learn to deal with stressful situations and grooms people with different skills and capabilities.

Nihar Madkaiker, resident of Panaji, studying at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

Festivals like these are an opportunity for youth to showcase their talents and skills, understand where they stand in comparison to others and further develop their talents. This helps them gain confidence as they learn to overcome stage fright and socialise with youth from other parts of the state, educational intuitions and fields. Youth also learn to communicate with different people which helps them develop public speaking skills, they learn to deal with large crowds and also understand their strengths and weaknesses which helps them plan their careers. Youth also feel very empowered when they win prizes and feel capable of achieving better. This largely develops their personality and helps in career planning. These events motivate youth to develop their talents and face the future with more certainty as they learn about themselves when they engage themselves in different challenging activities and tasks and try new activities.

Leontia Pertila Fernandes, Carmel College Arts Science and Commerce For Women, Nuvem

Youth festivals are primarily culmination of three things – talent, platform and guidance. You could have two of these and find the third which is missing, in a youth festival. Of course, they are out of comfort zone many a times. But what’s the better way to find role models, increase your public outreach, connect with people better than ourselves, and of course, have fun?

Vishakha Shambhu Ghadi, National Institute of Technology Goa

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