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Beauty is limitless

The upcoming Navhind Times workshop on Sunday, December 16 with Neomi of Neomis Hair and Beauty Salon has ladies from all over the state rushing to apply! In a chat with NT Kuriocity, Neomi Barneto talks about the workshop, the latest trends, importance of a beauty routine and more

Maria Fernandes | NT Kuriocity

Neomis is a household name and has the distinction of being the first unisex salon in Goa. A brainchild of Neomi Barneto and her husband, Mario, the salon was established in 1997. Neomi has undergone training with the best in the industry both in India and internationally and has added 3 more salons to her list.

She is the next resource person for the workshop scheduled for Sunday, December 16, which is open to those above the age of 16 years. The aim of the workshop is to give participants tips on different types of make-up besides covering the dos and don’ts of make-up and grooming.

Elaborating on the itinerary of the workshop, Neomi says, “In the workshop, I will be covering different types of make-up with emphasis on corporate and evening make-up along with appropriate hairstyles for the above occasions.” Grooming she says is an absolute essential today and its benefits cannot be stressed enough. Reiterating this fact, she explains, “There are several reasons for this. In today’s increasingly competitive and globalised world how you present yourself, the way you dress, the way you use your hair and makeup can make a huge difference to the way you look and feel. It is not just you but others around you who also make an assessment based on your grooming. Unless a woman is living far away from civilisation there is no reason for her to be ungroomed in any manner.”

The right haircut and colour she says can transform and define an individual’s personality. “Hair is an important part of a person’s personality. It is not just the clothes you wear that speak volumes about you but your hairstyle too can be very revealing. From wild and crazy to simple and sweet, how you wear your hair and the colour you choose can say a lot about you. A particular haircut can make a woman appear soft and elegant or go the other way as well if not cut properly. Getting the right haircut and makeup can completely transform a woman. It can make her more impactful, get people to notice her and boost self confidence.”

She believes make-up is a powerful tool that should be used to advantage and adds, “Make-up is not a mask behind which a woman needs to hide any insecurities she may have regarding her appearance. Instead it can be used to enhance and embellish natural looks and make her look graceful, elegant and charming.”

Speaking about the different make-up looks, she says: “It all comes down to the occasion. Weddings and large formal parties demand a slightly more elaborate look, and daytime weddings or functions, something subtler. Makeup should also be a reflection of a woman’s personality and individual style, not just following a trend or current fad just because it’s a rage. Just getting your skin to look glowing along with nicely styled and groomed hair is enough to complement beautiful clothes at a wedding.”

Day makeup as we have heard several times should be light and simple while the evening calls for bolder colours and the use of sheer and gloss. This usually causes the myth that it is the colours that make all the difference in the day and evening makeup. Neomi however states differently, “It is the outfit and the lighting that makes all the difference. Artificial yellow, mellow light only enhances the appearance of correct make-up, even if it is a smoky-eyed look but the same seen in an office will appear too much and far from appealing due to the bright fluorescent lighting used there.”

Foundation, says Neomi helps to give the appearance of naturally flawless skin but needs to be used with caution. “The most common mistake women make is using incorrect toned foundations that look ghastly. Don’t try to look fairer or fair with the help of foundation and concealer; instead be comfortable with your complexion. People should compliment you on your glowing skin and not on the foundation you are wearing.”

Another mistake she points out is the overuse of make-up and advises, “Don’t overdo any makeup. Instead use less and if it is inadequate, you can always add more, but reducing is far more difficult. Remember, proportion is everything; just enough is most effective. For this however a woman must know her face and skin well.”

With social media especially YouTube, learning to apply make-up has become easy. However the results are not always encouraging or favourable. “People believe that if it looks good on so and so, it will definitely suit me as well,” says Neomi. “Applying make-up is a skill. Practice applying make-up when you have the time. Also don’t buy products just because it is an expensive brand. Know your skin first and then choose products accordingly. Opt for good brands as they will protect your skin and keep it healthy. Many moderately priced products can give you very good results.”

Highlighting the importance of a beauty routine, she stresses on the need for cleansing and a good cleanser. “Cleaning off make up is as important as putting it on. Never keep make-up overnight even if you are extremely exhausted. Use a cleanser that suits you and this will lessen the risk of skin damage. Eye make-up removers are equally important. If you don’t establish a regular and scrupulous cleansing, toning and moisturising routine, you risk ruining your skin. People with established routines look gorgeous even in their 60s! The worst mistake people make is taking the skin for granted as our skin ages on a daily basis.”

Asked how lucrative a career in this field is, she answers: “A career in this field is not only exciting and creative, it can also be financially very rewarding. Of course, training and working in the right environment and with a good brand is very important. Once you have decided you want to pursue this as a career, you can either do a beginner’s course at a good academy like L’Oreal, Vidal Sassoon, Toni and Guy, etc or join a salon as an apprentice and learn on the job. A good course is faster but is also expensive. On the other hand, as an apprentice you would get paid, save on the course costs, but this would take much longer to become a stylist.”

Signing off, Neomi says: “Your hair and skin are an important part of you so treat them well. Be empowered and be yourself, as beauty is limitless.”

The workshop is open to people above 16, log on to for details. Last date to apply is December 9.


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