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BBSM opposes FORCE demand

PANAJI  : The eminent Konkani writer and poet Uday Bhembre representing the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch on Thursday said the BBSM totally opposes the demand of the Forum for Rights of Children’s Education as regards converting the cabinet note pertaining to giving government grants to English primary schools into legislation.“The decision of the government to give grants to 127 primary schools, which had earlier changed their medium of instruction from Konkani to English, was based on the situation existing at that time,” Bhembre observed, adding that such a circumstances-based decision should not be converted into an Act.  “If the government changes the particular cabinet note into a legislation then it will have serious repercussions on local languages, local culture and Goan identity as a whole,” he noted.

Bhembre said the state already has the Goa School Education Act, 1984 and Goa Education Rules, 1986 and if the government desired it would have amended the same vis-à-vis its MoI policy-related cabinet note, as against the demand of the FORCE for altogether a new legislation. “However, I am making this observation as per the logic, and have no support of whatsoever kind for either such amendment or enactment of a new Act,” he said.

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