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Bastu Shaap: A film on human relationships

Noted Bengali director, Kaushik Ganguly who had earlier presented films like ‘Chotoder Chobi’, ‘Apur Panchali’ and ‘Cinemawala’ at the past international film festivals of India, and garnered three silver peacocks as well as ICFT-UNESCO Award – the Fellini medal – is back at IFFI 2016 with his new Bengali film, ‘Bastu Shaap’, being screened under the prestigious Indian Panorama section.

‘Bastu Shaap’, which has the concept of Feng Shui and Vastu as its backdrop, revolves around five people who live in the same house, and the complicated relationships existing among them.

Addressing the media, Ganguly said that the film gives a message, ‘Clean up your mind, stay clean, think clean and be happy.’

“We have shot ‘Bastu Shaap’ in North Bengal, with only five actors including myself,” said the multi-national award winning director, further informing that the film already had a 114 days run in the domestic market, as also garnered appreciation, thus falsifying the adage, ‘Critically acclaimed, but deprived at the box office’.

Parambrata Chatterjee, who was present at the media briefing, said ‘Bastu Shaap’ is made by keeping in mind sensible audiences. “We really didn’t expect this film to travel to the film festival, and only wanted to cater to the wider audiences,” he added, stating that the character and performance driven film, presents interpersonal relations between five performers, and a house on the hill.

Raima Sen, who also stars in the film, stated that it was a tough film to do, as it expected solid performance from actors, and further hoped that people attending IFFI 2016 would like it.

“I am presently working on two films namely ‘Dhumketu’ and ‘Bisarjan’ and hope to bring at least one of them to IFFI 2017, next year,” said Ganguly on a parting note.

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