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Bandora locals say no to mega housing projects

Ponda: Reiterating their opposition to the housing projects in the village, Bandora gram sabha, on Sunday, resolved not to grant NOCs to any mega housing project until the villagers get 24-hour water supply and also proper electricity supply.

In this regard, the panchayat decided to write to the PWD, Town and Country Planning Department and also Electricity Department informing them about the views of the villagers on the housing projects.

According to the villagers, without considering the village infrastructure and its resources, permissions are being given for mega housing projects, and it has started adversely affecting the villagers.

“No development zones are being converted into development zones, natural resources like springs and others are being destroyed and elderly residents of the village are suffering due to all of this,” they stated.

“Water provided by the PWD is no longer sufficient for the village nowadays and so is the electricity supply. It is all because of the increase in number of housing projects and this needs to be stopped somewhere,” they added.

Advocate Surel Tilve urged the panchayat to conduct scientific study of the village and prepare a master plan for its development by marking the development and no development areas.

The villagers too supported the idea of Tilve, but opined that it will take much time and said that until then the present development works should be stopped.

After discussing the issue for a while, the villagers resolved not to grant NOCs to any housing project in the village till it receives 24-hour water supply as assured by former PWD minister and also proper electricity supply.

Residents of the village should get enough water and proper electricity first and then only more people can be allowed to settle down, stated villagers.

During the gram sabha, issue of development projects in Bokadbag and also Katamgal-Farmagudi was discussed, but the villagers expressed their opposition. Residents of Bokadbag area claimed that their ancestral land has been captured for some development project and considering it, they urged the panchayat not to grant NOC for any


Issue of roadside parking at Ramnathi, also about the speedbreaker on the main road in front of Sanathan building was discussed during the gram sabha and the panchayat assured villagers of looking into the matter.

The issue of garbage collection was also discussed and new garbage management committee was formed by the panchayat on Sunday. Besides this, issue of Kashimath ground was also deliberated upon.

The gram sabha was chaired by sarpanch Ramchandra Naik, while it was monitored by secretary Sachit Gaude. Other panch members of the village too were present. 

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