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Ban on recruitment in govt departments


Ahead of the assembly polls in 2017, Goa government has banned all recruitments in government departments as well as government-aided departments so as to enable smoother implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations.
In an office memorandum issued by the personnel department on Tuesday, the government has stated that all recruitment processes are to be cancelled with effect from Wednesday, November 23. However, the ban would be reviewed after six months.
“In order to ensure that there is sufficient adequacy fund for payment of enhanced salaries and pension, so that implementation of the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission is carried out in a smooth manner; it is required to put a halt to all recruitment processes in the government departments as well as government-aided institutions,” the memorandum states.
Government has maintained that in order to implement the pay commission’s recommendations, ‘it is required that an adequate balance is maintained considering the additional enhanced liabilities on account of increase in salary and pension vis-à-vis the existing strength of the government and government-aided employees.’
The personnel department has said that the recruitment process currently in progress shall be kept on hold forthwith and the departments concerned shall not proceed to conduct written test or viva voce oral interview where applications have been invited. The departments concerned shall also not issue offer of appointment or appointment orders where selection of the candidates has been done.
The instructions shall apply to all types of recruitment including those on regular basis as well as temporary establishment, workcharged establishment, NMR, daily wages, contract basis and cover all grant-in-aid institutions, government autonomous bodies, corporations, agencies as well as public sector units where government funding involved is more than 50 per cent. However, the ban instructions will not be applicable to the recruitment processes that are ongoing and initiated by the Goa Public Service Commission and the contractual basis appointments of short tenure of six months and for further extension of contract.
Further, the staff in all categories who are on deputation or work arrangement basis and functioning in various departments, corporations and agencies shall forthwith be withdrawn with effect from November 30 and the staff shall stand repatriated to the parent department. “This shall not, however, apply to those belonging to Goa Civil Service, Common Accounts cadre and whose appointment has been done as head of department by the department of personnel,” the memorandum states.
However, if any department requires services of staff or employees or requires completing of the ongoing recruitment process due to certain exigencies of work and specific department requirement, then relaxation and approval of personnel department with prior concurrence of the finance department shall have to be taken.
With regard to government-aided educational institutions including Goa University, the Directorate of Education, Directorate of Higher Education and Directorate of Technical Education, the concerned shall have to first assess the request made by the institution and thereafter recommend the same for obtaining approval of the personnel department and concurrence of the finance department.
All the secretaries to the government have been asked to submit a compliance report by November 25 on the implementation of the office memorandum in their respective departments and institutions to personnel department with a copy to finance department.

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