Monday , 22 January 2018
Baina residents say ‘errant’ boat operators put tourists’ life at risk
Foreign tourists disembarking from a boat at Baina coast

Baina residents say ‘errant’ boat operators put tourists’ life at risk


Residents of Baina and surrounding areas have expressed concern over boating activity along the Baina shore, claiming that boats are being operated without adopting safety norms.

As per locals, several boats are engaged in the activity off Baina shore. They said these boats ferry tourists, including domestic and foreign, but without following norms that are applicable as per directives issued by tourism department. It is mandatory for tourists onboard such boats to wear life jacket for safety.

Former director of Goa Tourism and Development Corporation Jayant Jadhav, who is a resident of Sasmollem Baina, questioned the authorities over flouting of norms by boat operators.

“I have observed that some boats, which take tourists around, do not make available life jackets. In case of any mishap, there can be a serious consequence,” said Jadhav. He said that several boats come to Baina shore with hundreds of tourists in a day, but operators do not show any seriousness in adhering to safety norms.

“The captain of ports and tourism department, therefore, should instruct boat owners to comply with safety norms,” added Jadhav.

Meanwhile, some boat owners, when asked, disclosed that they do have life safety jackets, but the tourists often avoid wearing them. “We know the importance of life jackets, which is mandatory for our customers, but despite requesting them they decline to put them on,” said a boat owner.

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