Tuesday , 19 November 2019
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Avoid Wastage Of Power Supply


In Ponda streetlight fixtures working during broad daylight has become a common phenomenon. The same are not being switched off at the prescribed timing and hence it leads to wastage of the much precious energy from time-to-time. To cite some instances as on November 26, streetlights were found functional in the vicinity of Mahalaxmi temple at Talaulim in Ponda at 8.20 am and at Kapileshwari at 8.40 am. On November 29 at Durbhat at 8.10 am and at Talaulim at 8.25 am. Similarly on December 1, streetlights were working at Gholiwada-Talaulim at 8.15 am and on Sunday December 2 in the vicinity of Goa Bagayatdar at Upper Bazaar (in Ponda) at 9 am. These instances amply justify the quantity of power supply that got wasted unnecessarily. It is absolutely necessary that the prescribed on/off timings pertaining to streetlights are strictly adhered so that the much precious energy is not wasted at any instance. The higher officials at the electricity department in Ponda should take a note and initiate prompt favourable action in assuring normalcy in this sensitive matter. At the municipal garden situated near the premises of Ponda Municipal Council in Ponda, two swings have been found missing for quite long. Especially on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, a large number of children visit these premises. However due to non-availability of swings, children have to wait for their turn to use the other existing swings. Ultimately they are being subjected to inconvenience in the process. In the interest of innocent children it is the need of the hour for the concerned authorities to re-install missing swings on priority basis so that children can utilise the same as and when needed. Let us hope that prompt favourable action would follow in this important matter in the interest of innocent children.


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