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Number Plate Scam

On December 16, 2009, the government extended the deadline till May 31, 2010 for implementing its May 8, 2008 judgment making it mandatory for vehicles to have high security registration plates (HSRP), but the way the project was unethically handled and the credentials of one of the suppliers of HSRP have come under scanner, it appears the task could not be accomplished with timeframe stipulated by the apex court.

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Educating All

On April 1, the UPA government announced fulfillment of the pledge made to the country by the past political executives of giving all the children the right to elementary education.

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Indecisive Goa Government
CONSIDERING the number of agitations that have been conducted recently in Goa, it seems like Goans have taken to protesting against anything and everything that concerns development in the state.

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Delightful Easter Eggs

By Cedric Silveira
The Easter egg tradition has certainly caught up with Goans over the years. In fact hot cross buns on Good Friday and Easter eggs on Easter Sunday have come to stay. Easter signifies the resurrection of Christ after his crucifixion and painful death, and thus signifies new life.

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Zouzou Stirs no Magic

By Nadia D’Silva
The musical evening, ‘Time is a Treasure’ presented by Zouzou could be said to be ‘interesting’ if one was sufficiently guarded. Supposed to be a presentation of self-composed, insightful and original songs, the musical show had Zouzou belting out songs to pre-recorded background music of questionable quality.

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HSRP bidder acquired contract fraudulently: BJP

PANAJI:  A ‘secret and most immediate’ communiqué between the internal security division of the ministry of home affairs and the department of road transport and highways, central government, dated May 18, 2005, has revealed that the state transport department had overlooked the criminal background of Mr Nitin Shah,

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