Wednesday , 21 November 2018

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D-Link introduces chassis-based switches

panaji: D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumer and business recently announced the introduction of D-Link DES-8500 series of chassis- based switches. Based on intelligent and high-performance multi-layered LAN devices design, D-Link DES-8500 series of chassis-based switches are ideal for Enterprise and Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN).

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Kashmir: Hurriyat’s Negative Attitude


GENERAL Ayub Khan, then at the helm of the Pakistani government, is believed to have told Soviet Union’s Prime Minister, Kosygin that if India were to come to a settlement with Sheikh Abdullah, heading the Jammu and Kashmir government at that time, Pakistan might accept the agreement.

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Old is Mauled

REPORT based on a sample survey of the elderly in Goa suggests that very few of them are inclined to take advantage of the law to seek relief for mistreatment done to them. Only seven per cent of the elderly register their complaints against their abusers,

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The Kyrgyz Hope

THE ethnic violence between Kyrgyzs and Uzbeks going on in Kyrgyzstan for the past several days has gone beyond the control of the nation’s interim government and cannot be brought under control without external intervention.

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Accountability in Govt Offices

THE Chief Minister of Delhi, Ms Shiela Dixit has become a role-model for other states by initiating a welcome trend to induce accountability in government offices when staff responsible for delays in processing applications in some key offices will be penalised for each day of delay in responding to applications received for issue of ration cards, learner and driving licences, election cards, cast certificates, birth and death registrations etc.

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