Thursday , 13 December 2018

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Complexity of the Maoist Problem

By Fred Burton and Ben West
Increasing naxal violence in the country corresponds with India’s economic growth, and this is not coincidental. India has experienced a boom in economic growth over the past 20 years that has seen per capita income rise roughly 100 per cent. By comparison, it took India 40 years to complete its last doubling of per capita income.

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Gains unto Losses

THE observation of the Army Chief, Gen V K Singh that we failed to “initiate bold and far-sighted political steps to consolidate hard-earned gains” in the battle against militancy in Jammu and Kashmir makes a sad commentary on the Manmohan Singh government in Delhi as well as the Omar Abdullah government in the trouble-torn state.

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Sustaining KTC

For the Kadamba Transport Corporation, the inter-state bus operation has not been a significant profit earning proposition, and this is the reason why the KTC has refrained from adding more buses to its present fleet.

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Land for Kabrastan-I
THIS is in reference to the letter, ‘Use Existing Land for Kabrastan’ by Mr Luis Fernandes (NT, July 9). The writer may be aware that, by and large, Muslims constitute over one-fourth of the world’s total population and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world!

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