Tuesday , 22 January 2019

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Analysing Indian Character

By Khushwant Singh

If you have not read Sudhir Kakar’s analysis of Indian character, you have missed out something very precious. I have read every book he has published and eagerly await for the next one. He is India’s best-known psychoanalyst and a very handsome man to whose charm many beautiful women have succumbed.

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Discovery of a New Solar System

By Dr Nandkumar Kamat

Drake’s equation, Car Sagan’s dreams may come true - going by the rate of discovery of planets which lie far, far beyond our own solar system. It shows that there is nothing special about our solar system. As on August 24 there were 488 extrasolar planets.

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Discover Gibraltar

By Hector Choksi

If you want to see the most famous monkeys in the world, you have to go to the British town of Gibraltar in Europe, which is actually a tiny peninsula, just at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

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Reading the Bowler

By Aakash Chopra

The replay comes up in slo-mo for us to get a closer look: Brett Lee runs in and bowls a short-pitched delivery at 150kph. Sachin Tendulkar seems to have all the time in the world to get into the right position - he goes back and across and plays it right under his eyes.

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Govt framing rules for export of iron ore

PANAJI: Stating that the government is in the process of framing rules for ensuring recovery of royalty and export of iron ore, the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat on Friday said that a meeting would soon be held with the iron ore exporters to set procedures for permitting export and also to ensure that the ship crew, exporters or the port authorities did not face any hurdles.

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