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To life…

‘Zero Percentile, Missed IIT Kissed Russia’ is not just another book based on the life in IIT. It goes beyond, to relate budding writer, Neeraj Chhibba’s growth in the institute.  During his recent visit to Goa from Delhi he spoke to ‘The Navhind Times’ about his book and also about Goa being his dream place to do some writing
Neeraj Chhibba

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A whole New World

We assume that older people simply aren't interested in computers. Take the example of an elderly couple chatting online with their children who are settled abroad, seeing their smiling grand-children with just a click of a mouse.

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Facts about Odonates

May 22 is observed as International Biodiversity Day, a day to focus on issues related to our biodiversity. To commemorate the same, the Earthworm eco-store at Porvorim last weekend hosted a talk on damselflies and dragonflies by the state coordinator of the Goa Bird Conservation Network, Mr Parag Rangnekar.

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Kulfi, India’s own Ice cream

By Shekher Phadnis
Kulfi is India’s own ice cream, in vogue centuries before foreign ice cream products entered India. The sixteen century Mughal treatise by Emperor Akbar’s courtier Abul Fazl mentions kulfi in his treatise Akbarnamah.

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Frequent transfer of tourism directors affecting initiatives

PANAJI: Though tourism has become a mainstay of the state’s economy over the past few decades but somehow the government has kept on reshuffling the directors of this key department quite often thereby hampering its proper functioning and growth and also creating hurdles in implementations of its own initiatives to raise Goa’s stature as a “true” and safe tourist destination. Goa has seen 10 tourism directors in a decade.

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Black box yet to be traced

MANGALORE:  Investigators hunted in vain for the crucial Data Recorder — the ‘black box’ — of the crashed Air India plane for the second full day on Monday  and were studying tapes of air traffic control contact with the aircraft in its final moments.

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