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Attending IFFI 2017? Here is a list of services you can use while in Goa

Prajyot Mainkar

IFFI 2017 is set to unveil on November 20. Packed with extraordinary films, Goan cuisine and ‘susegad’ atmosphere, the world is ready to celebrate the future of cinema at IFFI during the 9-day festival. IFFI 2017 will mark the 48th International Film Festival of India and the event has created a concrete place for itself in the global Film Festival calendar. Here are some of the services one can use during the festival.

Unexplored Goa – An app featuring IFFI 2017 screening schedule

With no official IFFI 2017 app released yet, the Unexplored Goa team has taken a step further to help travellers in or coming to Goa for IFFI 2017. This app has grown to be one of the most promising apps in the state. If you are looking to plan an IFFI 2017 schedule, the events option in this app would reveal the entire IFFI 2017 schedule. One can check the screening schedule at different venues such as Inox screens and create a planner. This app also allows one to network with fellow travellers by simply clicking ‘Participating’ to help others know the movies you are attending. Share the movies you wish to attend on social media with an ease. Another key feature of this app is that it is the only app in Goa to feature a list of 300+ cab drivers who can be contacted by just a click of a button. Meeting with local entrepreneurs of the state across different fields is also possible with the listing this app provides. More than 200 categories of businesses and location wise sorting allows one to contact local service providers and avail services. One can even contact them to understand the kind of work they’ve been doing in the state. The app is purely crowdsourced. This app can be downloaded for free from Google Play store by simply searching Unexplored Goa or checking the link:

Taxi Goa – Book cabs on the go

No Uber or Ola as yet, but this startup from Goa by Chandan Group has been creating a super wave to solve this problem faced by travellers in Goa. Check the site and simply hire a taxi by selecting the pickup and drop location at a specific date and time. This service offers a range of cars in various categories and price segments which vary from economical non A/C cars to luxury cars. Dial their 24 hour line +91 832 6711111 OR +91-9373431111 to book a cab. This service is different from that of Unexplored Goa as the latter doesn’t book cabs for you but provides a comprehensive list of drivers that one can contact based on their location.

GTDC’s Tourist  App – Hotels,  Activities and more

Goa Tourism Development Corporation’s official app features Hotel Booking, Activities and Transport. One of the cool features according to my personal experience is using Activities. This feature allows users to book different activities such as water sports, entertainment, food and drink events and more. Having a comprehensive list of more than 30 activities, this app is a complete guide to the premier activities in Goa. Simply select the activity and book it by sending the contact details via a form. Some of the activities are hot air ballooning, luxury speed boat travel, Snow Park Goa and kayaking in backwaters of Goa. The team then gets in touch with you to complete the process. Download the app by searching Goa Tourism App on Google Play.

Goa Guide – the ‘Things to Do’ app

If you have travelled to Goa at least once, you might be aware of the key places to visit in Goa. How about exploring some places in detail and covering some unknown places you might have never been to. Goa Guide is one such app covering information about Goan nightlife, restaurants, shopping places, romantic places, picnic spots and many more. The app helps one get the right information without much map navigation. Accompanied with information about places, it helps one share one’s opinion about the place and review the place as a traveller. One can also bookmark the places one wishes to visit during one’s stay. The ‘We are open’ marker provides one with information about the closing hours. A list of more than 100 places marks it to be one of the coolest apps to have while in Goa.

Goa Dry Fruits: Cashews & Dry Fruits with Free home delivery

You can’t return to your state without carrying a bag full of cashew nuts, dry fruits and Goan spices. It’s a culture! Check out Goa Dry Fruits ( offering best prices for Goan cashew nuts, dry fruits and spices in Goa. You can book products and have the items delivered to your hotel while you are in Goa for IFFI or your hometown at no cost. This Goan startup currently has IFFI offers to ensure orders are delivered at your doorstep without any delivery charges, anywhere in India. Check the link above to see the entire collection of what they have to offer.


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