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Asia to witness first ever European International Book Art Biennale at IFFI 2016

Asia to witness first ever European International Book Art Biennale at IFFI 2016


The fourth year of European International Book Art Biennale will be organised at IFFI 2016 for the first time in Asia. The highlight of the Book Art Biennale is the unique exhibition of theme based book artwork. Goa based Inspire Trust and European non-profit organisation Dorothea Fleiss and East West Artists (DFEWA) has organised the European International Book Art Biennale which will be on till December 4 at Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) Art Gallery, Panaji. The book art exhibition titled ‘Destiny and Inner Space – Schicksalsraum’ is the next edition of ‘Art for a Cause’ initiative by Inspire Trust.

The Book Art Biennale has been promoting and encouraging many unconventional attitudes about books. It deals with book-objects, book-installations, one-offs, author’s books, artist’s books, writer’s books, experimental and limited editions and fine press books and art made using the form of book, accordion books or sculptures; the exhibition will feature some of the carefully and unconventionally designed unique books.

Founder and curator of the Book Art Biennale, Dorothea Fleiss conceptualised the whole idea and has been aided by Calangute based artist, Yolanda de Sousa, who is the associate curator. “The idea to bring out something like this arose out of realisation that people should understand the importance of the book. Almost 500 years ago people published hand-written books from which they were made into multiple copies, and later with digitalisations e-books have come into existence,” says Fleiss. She further adds that this Book Art Biennale is organised to pay homage to, appreciate and motivate artists who showcase their creativity at book artwork. Explaining the book art concept Fleiss says that it is similar to any other art but is more like sculptures as you can touch and feel the works.

The Book Art Biennale has been promoting the idea of book as art and aims to attract ordinary book lovers and those professionally dealing with books. In all, 19 countries including Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Kurdistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, and USA have participated to showcase works at the Biennale. “Participating artists will donate their works to Inspire Trust in order to provide financial support to the foundation to survive and hold future events. Funds generated from this exhibition and sale of works would be used to support and inspire underprivileged and specially-abled children,” says Fleiss. Selected paintings from the previous International Artist Residency 2015, including works of 15 artists from seven countries will be displayed at the Book Art Biennale.

Six Indian, including three Goan artists will also be exhibiting their works here. Goan artist, Ajay Kothawale expresses his opinion about the Biennale even though this is the first time he is participating in one. “I have titled my work ‘Beautiful in and out’ as I believe books are beautiful pieces of art. There lay a beauty beyond appearance in everything, including books,” says Kothawale. Another Goan artist, Nirupa Naik has taken up the peculiar handwritten book art as she enjoys doing it. “I have written about my inspiration, what my mother told me about the sky and trees and about how I took up to painting,” says Naik. Founding trustees of Inspire Trust, Vinesh Iyer and Darryl Noronha, have collaborated with this initiative for its novelty. “This is an initiative to bring in something new which was never done in India and Asia, the proceeds of which will be used for a noble cause. I find book artwork exciting as it gets away from the standard styles and transforms from 2-Dimension to 3-Dimension,” says Iyer.


(As European International Book Art Biennale is associated with IFFI 2016, interested viewers will need to have the IFFI pass to gain entry in the Art Gallery premises till November 28. The exhibition however, will remain open till December 4 for public viewing.)