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Ashish Shirodkar to contest as independent candidate

MAPUSA: Mapusa Merchants Association president and former councillor Ashish Shirodkar, on Saturday,  announced that he would be contesting by-election in Mapusa as an independent candidate.

Shirodkar has handed over the charge as president of the Mapusa Merchants Association to general secretary Assis Cardozo until April 23. Addressing the media, on Saturday morning, Shirodkar, in the presence of his supporters,  announced that he would be contesting Mapusa bypoll as an independent candidate.

“I had proposed to resign but the committee suggested to hand over the charge to general secretary Assis Cardozo in the interest of merchants,” he added.

Taking on BJP and Congress candidates, Shirodkar said that “both the candidates until March 23 were together, and  are councillors for last three and half years. We merchants on various occasions have raised our voice demanding  bare minimum infra- structure but nothing has been done about it.”

“I want to work in the interest of Mapusa,” he said, adding he would be targeting 18,500 silent voters.

“I will be having a silent campaign,” he said.

“There are 28,500 voters in Mapusa. The two major parties have hold on around 5,000 votes each and so 18,500 are silent voters. To create awareness among these 18,500 voters I will be holding a silent campaign,” he added.

The two major party candidates, despite having had the backing of Urban Development Minister for three year, failed to put in place the infrastructure required for Mapusa, he said.

“Workers of both the parties are upset, and these upset workers will teach the two candidates a lesson. Most of the upset party workers are in touch with me,” he added.

When asked about the stand of Mapusa Merchants’ Association, the acting president Assis Cardozo said that “every member is free to take his own decision, and it will be their personal decision as to which candidate they should support. The merchants  extending support to Ashish are welcome but there will be no forcing of views.”

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