Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Art and culture to the fore


Stating that an artiste needs to be focused and determined in order to achieve his goal, Marathi actor Sayaji Shinde said: “If a person knows what he wants and is clear about his plan, it is only then, he can achieve great heights.” He was speaking at the award ceremony of Goa State Cultural Award 2017-18, Kala Gaurav Puraskar 2018-19, and Yuva Srujan Puraskar 2018.

He also said that Goa is one of his favourite places and it is quite surprising to see how artistes and their work is being recognised and honoured in the state. “Art and sport cannot be entirely taught. It is unique and comes naturally to a person. The way he or she channelises his strengthens and works towards bringing their talent out is something that helps them achieve their true potential,” said Shinde.

Minister for Art and Culture, Govind Gaude also acknowledged the efforts and contribution of artistes who have worked throughout their life to promote Goa’s culture and traditional heritage and said: “I really respect the dedication and hard work put in by the awardees. They have effortlessly showcased their creative talents for the benefit of the people. They require to be felicitated. Today, it is their dream that has come true.”

For the year 2017-18 the Goa State Cultural Awards were given to Gurunath Kelekar, Maya Anil Kharangate, Maria de Lourdes Fatima Bravo da Costa Rodrigues, Anjali Amonkar, Pandharinath Damodar Lotlikar (Literature), Indumati Mhalshi, Namdeo Hulo Shet (drama), Osvi SKL Viegas, Hilariano da Costa (tiatr), Ramkrishna Hirba Surlakar, Madhumilan Naik (music), Ganesh Savlo Parsekar (bhajan), Dattagurubua K Abhyankar (kirtan), Shyamsundar Narahari Golatkar (photography), Suryakant Rama Rane, Dnyaneshwar Pundalik Naik (folk art) and Jagannath Arjun Wadji (handicrafts).

Also, the Best Cultural Institution award was given to Dayanand Kala Kendra, Curchorem while Best Institution award went to Group Alegira. Sandesh B Dessai and Government College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Sanquelim received the Best Librarian Award and Best Library Award.

The recipients of Kala Gaurav Puraskar were Agnelo Carvalho (tiatr), Ajit Apa Parab (drama), Anand Ramchandra Shet Narvenkar (crafts), Anant Vairo Gaonkar (bhajan), Angela Maria Fernandes E Moares (tiatr), Anil Shamba Tari (drama), Bhaskar Raghoba Mhamal (makeup artiste), Damodar Nageshi Alwani (music), Damodar Bhalchandra Joshi (folk theatre), Jagadish Jairam Shet Vernekar (drama), Laxman Keshav Gaude, Mahableshwar Babuso Walawalkar (drama, costumes, bhajan, tabla player, actor), Mangala More (singing), Pandurang Yeso Sawant Talaulicar (clay murti), Peter Camilo (tiatr), Premanand Lotlikar (tiatr), Pushpavati Babal Kerkar (folk art), Shiva Vishnu Parrikar (bhajan), Suresh Vithal Nasnodkar (drama), Telo Gertudes (tiatr), Umakant Naru Phadte (drama and bhajan), Raghoba Gangaram Fadte (drama and music), Damu Alias Damodar Laxman Gavali (drama), Rohidas Bombi Raut (drama), Subhlaxmi Amonkar (drama), Ravindra Vishnu Gaonkar (drama), Irene Piedade Cardozo (tiatr), Abrao Fernandes (music), Pascoal Alberto Fernandes (music), Aberto Leo D’Souza (tiatr), Fr Cosme D’Costa (music), Chandrakant Jadhav (literature), Gopal Mukund Raul (drama), Krishnath Borkar (bhajan), Domnic Fernandes (literature) and Janardan Shirodkar (drama).

Marcos Gonsalves (litertaure), Surjit Thali (music), Quennie Fernandes (music), Samiksha Ratnakar Desai (drama), Tulshidas Keshav Dhonshikar (drama), Vitesh N Naik (painting), Sapana Kochrekar Naik (dance), Devendra Mahadev Akarakar (folk art) Sou Janaki Raghunath Parab (folk art), Sebastiao Willy Silveira (folk art) and Vithal Gawas (Bhajan) received the Yuva Srujan Puraskar 2018-19.


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