Tuesday , 13 November 2018

Arpora locals irked over illegal mud filling

Arpora: Arpora locals have raised concern over the illegal mud filling taking place at a comunidade field and a water catchment area  at Fuldem waddo,  near Hotel Nagoa Grant, Arpora.

Villagers residing at Fuldem waddo have said that the field into which mud filling is going on comes under a catchment area in survey no 7/1.

They further said that during the monsoon season rain water would get accumulated at the catchment area due to the illegal mud filling resulting in floods.

Residents said that trucks come in the night and during the wee hours to dump mud and garbage, saw dust is also dumped which causes air pollution in the area.

The attorney of Arpora Nagoa comunidade Ashley Rauto said that residents of Fuldem waddo have brought to his notice that illegal mud filling in going on in fields belonging to the comunidade at survey no 7/1.

He said that the trucks come in the night or in the wee hours and dump garbage and mud in the fields. He further said that the comunidade has written to the authorities to take action but till date no action has been taken.

A resident Suda Palenkar said that a complaint has been filed in the panchayat but no action has been taken on the illegal mud filling. Another resident who did not want to be named said that mostly garbage from a saw mill is being dumped which causes air pollution.

The sarpanch of Arpora Shrikrishna Nagvekar when questioned on the issue said that he is not aware of the illegal mud filling going on at Fuldem waddo. He said that he would look into the issue.

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