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Apna Ghar inmates go on rampage

PANAJI: Several inmates lodged in the state-run Apna Ghar, Merces, on Thursday went on a rampage damaging its property and a car that was parked outside the building.

Officials at Apna Ghar said the reason for the inmates going amok is not known.

“Luckily the inmates did not harm anyone, including the Apna Ghar personnel,” the officials said.

The car that was damaged belongs to advocate Waheeda Yelger, appointed on the Juvenile Justice Board, Goa, under the district legal aid services.

“I saw inmates turning violent. Some were armed with iron rods, and  damaged my car that was parked outside the Apna Ghar premises,” Yelger said.

“I don’t know the reason why this incident has happened, but I feel it is due to the negligence on the part of the authorities, and as such I have written to the concerned officer in this connection,” she said.

The inmates damaged fixtures for lights, chairs and later came out of the building and damaged the car at 10 a.m. The officials claimed that the inmates were in no mood to listen to the Apna Ghar personnel and were uncontrollable.

Deputy director of Apna Ghar Dasharath Redkar claimed that they are unaware of the reasons as to why the inmates turned violent. “There are 18 boys in the Apna Ghar and since yesterday they had been demanding to meet the JJB judge, media and the police. However, when asked for the reason, they refuse to open their mind to the Apna Ghar personnel,”  Redkar said.

“Today morning they suddenly turned violent and began damaging the property of the Apna Ghar. The inmates used abusive language against the Apna Ghar personnel, but luckily no one was harmed,” he said.

This is the third such incident this year. In February, an  inmate turned violent and damaged an official car.

In April, around 12 inmates reportedly damaged Apna Ghar property and assaulted two policemen.

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