Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Anjuna villagers demand protection of forest cover

MAPUSA: With an aim to protect forest cover, grazing lands and hill slopes, Anjuna panchayat on Sunday resolved to write to all concerned departments including Town and Country Planning department demanding not to change no-development zone of land in the village to settlement zone.

On Sunday, at the ordinary gram sabha of Anjuna panchayat presided over by Anjuna sarpanch Savio Almeida in presence of other panchayat members, a petition was placed which was signed by Merwyn Rodrigues and other 150 villagers raising concern over the anticipated conversion of various lands in the village to settlement zone.

Villagers opined that advertisement on a newspaper regarding conversion of zone to settlement zone stated that Survey 494/1A of Anjuna village of 1, 51369.9 square metre to settlement zone from its current status as per ‘Regional plan 2021’ of no development slope, partly with natural cover, partly orchard, party as crematorium etc as well as the likely conversion in the future of all our surrounding hills namely of survey no 206/1, no 496/1A, survey no 12/0 and others.

Rodrigues said, “Our village is blessed on all sides with pristine hills which our ancestors have earmarked as ‹Lote Reservada› which means grazing land, natural forest with rich biodiversity which needs to be preserved and protected by us for future generation.”

Following discussion, it was resolved to write to all departments which are concerned with conversion of land including survey department and TCP not to change zone to settlement zone which are marked as no development zone. A copy of resolution will also be sent to all concerned ministers.

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