Tuesday , 19 February 2019
Anant Jog’s foray into Konkani cinema
Over the years the Konkani film industry has invited actors from other industries to contribute towards the betterment of Goan cinema. For the first time film lovers will get to see Marathi and Hindi film actor Anant Jog in Konkani film, ‘7 Dayz’. In conversation with NT BUZZ, Anant talks about his experience working in the film industry and more

Anant Jog’s foray into Konkani cinema


Popularly known for his roles in films like ‘Shanghai’, ‘Singham’ and ‘Rowdy Rathore’, Marathi and Hindi film and television actor Anant Jog has acted for the first time in a Konkani film ‘7 Dayz’ written and directed by Joywin Fernandes. After carving a niche in the Marathi and Hindi industries he has now turned to the Konkani films as he wanted to contribute to the industry that is steadily growing. Jog who started his acting career with the film ‘Ameer Aadmi Gharib Aadmi’ and has then acted in several others says: “I kept on watching other people acting and realised what wrong I was doing and I have been developing my skills till today.”

For him it is the character that matters the most. “The role should suit my personality and the characters should have some potential to portray,” says Jog adding that he prefers to do negative roles as it is easier to perform. It was films like ‘Singham’ and ‘Rowdy Rathore’ that give Jog maximum publicity however ‘Shanghai’ boosted his confidence as an actor. “I liked my character in ‘Shanghai’ but the film didn’t work and was not noticed by the public,” he says.

Like many teenagers who fall in love, Jog too fell in love while he was studying. “When I was studying I fell in love with a girl. Things did not work out and we could not be together,” he says. At that time he did not wish to continue studying as he feels that the Indian education system is bogus. “I could not implement what I had learnt in school in my daily life. However, over the years the situation might have changed but back then this was the situation of the education system,” he says.

Language barrier was the only problem that Jog had to tackle while he was acting in the Konkani film. He plays the role of politician in the film ‘7 Dayz’. “The cast helped me a lot to understand my dialogues. Konkani is a sweet language to hear but is difficult to speak for someone who is not used to you,” says Jog. He adds: “If I have to do a role of a mute person or a man of few words I would like to work in a Konkani film again.”

Jog is presently working with director Rohit Shetty for his film ‘Simmba’ and a few other Marathi films.

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