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An exclusive with Vaishnavi Prabhu

Vijaysinh Ajgaonkar

Vaishnavi Prabhu, a standard ten student of People’s High School, Panaji, won a bronze medal in the 5th National Cup held at Serbia, Ruma (Russia) in 66 weight category in boxing played between India and Russia.


  1. What is the secret of your success in boxing?

Devotion, hard work, self confidence, setting goals, following dreams and an optimistic attitude. These are enough to achieve success in any examination or competition.


  1. What was your first reaction upon knowing you were selected for the boxing competition in Russia?

I was happy and surprised as this was my first attempt. I was the only person from Goa selected for this competition. I was sure that I would achieve something.

  1. How have your parents, teachers and coach helped mold your sports personality?

When I expressed my interest towards boxing, my parents were very supportive. My teachers, coaches along with my parents are the pillars of my success. Without their support, understanding, interest in developing my skills and abilities in boxing as well as in academics it would have been tough and full of obstacles for me.


  1. What was your training schedule like before the competition?

I used to practice thrice a day during my leisure time, on school days as well as on holidays.


  1. How did you keep a balanced approach between your academics and practice?

It was a combined effort from my parents, teachers and coaches. I had set a special time table for the same.

  1. What motivated you to take part in boxing?

I used to go for Jeet kune do classes in school and had won a gold medal for the same. During these classes, there were boxing classes for boys. Seeing them practice made me want to learn about the sport. When boxing for women started, my physical education teacher encouraged me to join the same and once I did there was no looking back.


  1. What is success to you?

Success is a result of aiming high and working towards it. It is something that makes us happy and motivates us to do something.


  1. How was your experience of boxing in Russia?

It was a new experience for me, a new chapter, as I could meet people from different parts of the world. I really enjoyed the game. People were very friendly, loving and helpful. I had a lot of fun with those represented India. Seeing my country’s flag among others made me proud.


  1. What is your message to future boxing enthusiasts?

Work hard, be dedicated, set your goal and don’t look back. Always take advantage of opportunities and do not underestimate yourself. One must try one’s best and there is no substitute for hard work.

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