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Amend laws to protect communidade land from misuse

By Camilo D’Souza

Communidades of Goa are exemplary units of self- governing communities that need to be protected. British laws are imposed on comunidades.

Agricultural Tenancy Act does not figure in communidade code, therefore the Revenue Minister must scrap all tenancy laws which intend to facilitate grabbing of leased lands.

No revenue is coming to the communidades of their lands, while the government is also losing revenue.

Before making any amendment to the code of communidade, government must scrap laws that facilitate land grabbing.

The communidade lands are grabbed and granted as for housing projects to non Goans.

There is destruction of orchard lands by self-styled agricultural tenants under Vth amendment of 1976.

Goa is governed by Portuguese laws, but the government is using the British and other laws, which are leading to illegal construction in orchard and communidade lands.

Steps needed to protect land from misuse are to scrap the 5th amendment, Agricultural Tenancy of 1976, in Agricultural Tenancy Act; communidade code must be protected; only mundkarial rights to be given to existing mundkars in properties with coconut trees which are declared as settlement zones by town and country planning department, with right to 300 square metres and existing coconut trees within; scrap Agricultural Tenancy 5th Amendment of 1976 Act on settlement zone;  contract system to be applicable in properties and comunidade system to be imposed on communidade lands, which have fruit-bearing trees such as coconut trees and existing mundkarial houses therein must not have any agricultural tenancy which is applicable by introducing fifth amendment of 1976.

This will also protect communidade land.

 (The writer is a substitute attorney of Anjuna communidade)

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