Tuesday , 19 March 2019

Alvara land: collectors seek applications for regularisation within six months

PANAJI: The district collectors of North and South have sought applications for regularisation and confirmation of definitive title to the Alvara land holders which were gifted or rewarded by Portuguese rulers to several Goans in the year 1917.

The applicants, who are occupying the Alvara land, will have to approach the collector within a period of six months with an application in the prescribed form enclosing all documents to substantiate that all the conditions laid down in the decree no 3602 dated November 24, 1917 have been complied with to lay claim over Alvara land.

According to sources, by a decree (no 3602) passed in November 1917, the Portuguese had allowed parcels of land, under the title of Alvara, to be used for agricultural purposes.

The state government had issued a notification on May 10 with regards to receiving claims over Alvara land rights by amending Goa Land Revenue Code, 1968.  The state government has classified the Alvara land claimants into two categories of Class-I occupants giving them the ownership rights on payment of fees and Class-II occupants are regularisation of encroachments.

As per the newly-notified rule, under the Goa Land Revenue (Disposal of Government Lands) (Ninth Amendment) Rules, 2018, the collector will verify all the documents of the claimants and after conducting an inquiry the report will be submitted to the government and if the government finds that the applicant has fulfilled the condition for definitive title to the Alvara land, it may direct the collector to issue a certificate of confirmation of the definitive title to the applicant in the prescribed form.

The rule says that all those applicants who get certificate of confirmation will be classified as occupant Class – I and charges would be 1/20th of the fair market rate. Moreover, the title holder will not be allowed to transfer the land to any other person unless ten percent of the prevailing market value of such land is remitted to the government.

If the application gets rejected then he/she may apply for regularisation within a period of thirty days and if government is satisfied with the collector report it may direct the collector to regularise such land as occupant Class–II on payment of Rs 5 per square metre. It further says that if any person fails to comply with the provisions of rules, the Alvara land shall revert back to the government free from all encumbrances and the government shall be free to deal with such land as it deems fit.

In respect of applicants seeking re-classification of their holdings from class-II to occupant class-I, they will have to make the payment of premium at the rate of 1/20th of the fair market value of the land.

The rule also lays down the procedure for regularisation of encroachments on Alvara land, which says the encroachers will have to pay five times the value of the land so encroached upon and to grant the land to the encroacher only after receiving suggestion or objection from public on the land grant.

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