Sunday , 21 January 2018
All should work together to bring back past glory to nation: Sahastrabuddhe
Rashtriya Swayamsevaks listening to the keynote address by Jaywantrao Sahastrabuddhe at Hedgewar school, Mala-Fontainhas in Panaji on Sunday

All should work together to bring back past glory to nation: Sahastrabuddhe


PANAJI: Pointing out that we need to sink differences amongst us and come together as one force for the cause of the nation, Jaywantrao Sahastrabuddhe said that the greatness of our nation is known to the whole world since times immemorial.

Sahastrabuddhe was addressing the swayamsevaks on the occasion of 92nd anniversary of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh, being celebrated as Hindu Chetana Sangham at Hedgewar School grounds in Mala-Fontainhas.

He said, “We should be proud of our nation, and all sections of the society should work to bring back the past glory to the country,” and added “We should not be copy masters. Let the world copy us.”

“We have a rich culture, tradition and Sanskrit language besides an unique identity and one can make out from the words of late president of India Dr A P J Abdul Kalam: “Let us bring back the days of Nalanda university,” and added that when the university was destroyed by the invaders and set it afire its library nearly took 6 months to get burnt down.

He said that one can imagine the volumes of knowledge at the Nalanda library which took 6 months to be burnt down. This shows greatness of our motherland – India, he added.

In the ancient times, Nalanda was considered as the last destination for knowledge seekers and for the students aspiring to study further, he said adding, “We need to preserve and protect the Sanskrit language for the generations to come. While Sanskrit is being taught in various universities of the world including United States of America, UK while in German University there is a separate department for Sanskrit study and research.”

While Dr Vishal Sawant said that Sanskrit is slowly dying down as we have restricted it to only certain schools and temples, but presently the conservation of the language is the need of the hour and asked the RSS gathering as to how without Sanskrit Indian culture will survive.

“In Goa we find, after every 10 km, the language keeps changing from Panaji to Pernem but Sanskrit is the language which does not change it is same everywhere,” he added.

“We need to revive the concept of global village in India as we believe in global family while other nations of the world are using it for commercial purpose,” he added.

“It is surprising to note that despite having different languages from Gujarat to Nagaland and from Himalaya to Kanyakumari, we are still one nation,” he said adding, “We need to join hands and spread this message of Hindutva amongst the youth of today.”

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