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Alina takes offence to usage of word ‘Portuguese’

Vasco: Cortalim MLA Alina Saldanha Sunday took strong objection to South Western Railway general manager Ajay Kumar Singh using the word ‘Portuguese’ while referring to her and the people of Cortalim constituency. She threatened to take up the issue with the central government.

“We are not Portuguese but people of Goa; we are Indians. There is no doubt that we were under the Portuguese rule for several years and we have got ourselves liberated,” said Saldanha.

“I will raise the issue in the assembly and even bring it to the notice of the Union Minister for Railways,” said Saldanha. She said that the word used by the general manager of SWR was one of the basic reasons why Goa was being taken for granted. “We are hundred per cent Indians. That was definitely a wrong statement made by Singh,” she said.

Meanwhile, when Singh was questioned over the usage of the word ‘Portuguese’, he apologised and took his word back. “I am taking the word ‘Portuguese’ back,” said Singh.’

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