Saturday , 19 October 2019
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AITD students create pulse vending machine


Mechanical engineering students of Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, namely, Abhishek Shetye, Jeffrey Mendes, Gaurang Borkar and Prashil Shirodkar along with guides professor Gaurish Walke and professor Adersh Alornekar designed and fabricated a vending machine that can dispense the required amount of pulses.

The user of the vending machine has to select the type of grain required by interacting with the keypad and liquid crystal display. Next the user has to enter the weight of the grain needed by selecting from 500 grams to 5 kilograms in units of 500 grams. After a series of interactions between the Arduino microcontroller, stepper motors and strain gauge, the machine will dispense the selected grain in the exact weight entered by the user into a bag present below.

The cost of this prototype is `22,000 and can be run on a 12v battery and can also be connected to an AC power supply. This machine will not only reduce time and human efforts but also the whole process will be more hygienic and accurate. This project will be an absolute boon to the food industry and digital India.

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