Thursday , 23 May 2019
Aiming for accident free shop floor

Aiming for accident free shop floor

Team B&C | NT

For better implementation of safety practices by local industry, the CII- Goa, organized a training programme on ‘behavior based safety’ recently. Industry expert, V Aswatha Ramaiah was the trainer for the programme. The programmed underscored the fact that, employees voluntarily do not implement safety precautions due to lack of knowledge and skills. Further behavior and attitude play an important role in making the shop-floor accident free.

HR managers of local units, factory foremen and representatives of companies such as Putzmeister, Sanofi, Power Engineering Corporation, Unichem, etc., were participants of the programme. Ramaiah pointed out that, 98 per cent of industrial accidents are caused by human error. He advised industry to tackle safety at a micro level and not treat it is a macro issue. Participants were sensitized on the importance of following safety practices at work and understanding the serious consequences of casual attitude. They were told that it is important to wear the personal protection equipments (PPE) willfully and voluntarily.

The programme drove home the safety message through   case studies, role plays, visuals, games and activities. It drew examples from day-to-day life and was practical and down-to-earth.  Ramaiah said that, all companies must have a zero tolerance towards accidents and that safety should be made an integral part of the processes with the help of technology. “Accidents are made, they do not happen,” concluded the programme.