African migrants face racism in Australia

MELBOURNE: African migrants face racial discrimination in Australia at every level, the Australian Human Rights Commission has found.
 Africans feel racism at work places, schools, while finding house and in the criminal justice system, the watchdog said in its report on the treatment towards one of Australia’s newest migrant and refugee groups.

 Younger African Australians complained of constant harassment by police, said the report which is based on interviews with more than 2,500 community members.
 “You start to feel that you have no place in this land,” one person is quoted as saying, opined the Race Commissioner, Mr Graeme Innes.
 Many of those who participated in the survey felt a “visibly different” appearance had an impact on their everyday experiences.
 Other hurdles cited by them included difficulties in getting job interviews, feeling passed over for promotions, and harassment from co-workers, The Age reported.  The feeling of discrimination is linked to social exclusion, the report said, adding that government services and programs did not consider the collectivist basis of African cultures.
 The finding suggests that migrants need support for child protection, family violence and adequate training of English language.

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