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Aadar Malik – musician who makes people laugh

Aadar Malik – musician who makes people laugh

Comedian, musician and actor, Aadar Malik who is a forerunner in musical comedy in India was one of the speakers for TEDxBITSGoa recently held at the BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus. In conversation with NT BUZZ, the artiste speaks about how he ventured into comedy, his journey so far in the industry and more


Everybody loves music and everybody loves a good laugh, and if both are put together it is a perfect blend of entertainment. Comedian, musician and actor, Aadar Malik has developed a unique talent of blending music with his comedy. He started performing on stage when he was just 19 and then began the natural progression to performing. Malik says: “I started out with ‘open mic’ at The Store, a comedy group in Mumbai, and now it has become a career.”

Elaborating about why he thought of including music into comedy, Malik, one of the very few to pioneer in the genre of musical comedy in India, says: “I have been trained in music for a very long time so when I got the opportunity to blend it all together I took advantage of it. Initially I wrote one song and then it went on. This was my strength so I just played to my strength.”  Also, what differentiates him from other comedians is that he has a character on stage even while doing his musical bits and stand-up comedy.

And with number of stand-up comedian shows happening, one may think that there is increase in number of stand-up comedians but Malik says that there aren’t enough stand-up comedians right now. “The more, the better,” he remarks.

When asked if comedy and comedians go a little too far when they make certain people a target of insensitive humour, he says: “There is no such thing. If you do not want to listen, you should not listen. One can make of fun of anything but you should know how to do it right. There is a difference; if you are doing something to hurt someone then it is no longer a joke.”

As far as content for his shows is concerned, Malik puts in a lot of time, which involves rehearsals, watching other comedians, learning from them and analysing how they handle the audience but at the end what matters for him is one’s individual style. He has performed in various cities in India, including Delhi and Mumbai as well as international locations. Sharing the best joke he ever told, Malik says: “The joke was called Ganpati dance joke. It was about how people go crazy on streets during festivals. It is a very Indian thing so I enacted how people celebrate on the street and it does not matter what religion you are, we all do it.” He adds that it was a joke that only he could do because of the way he portrayed it.

Speaking about his journey so far, the artiste says: “It has been incredible, surprising and unexpected. I do not know how far it will go but I am working as hard to make it work. Music is something that is always evolving with me. I am training all the time even though I have trained for 22 years I still make sure that I go for classes for piano, guitar, singing and keep training.”

His future plans include new stand up sessions that he is working on and a new album with all his comedy songs. “I think it will be the first comedy album anybody will release,” Malik concludes.

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