Friday , 19 April 2019

‘A Vida’ a new tune for Goa

A team of independent artists, Collaboratorz and MM films have joined hands with MJ Productions to launch a video on Portuguese song ‘A Vida’ written and composed by talented artist Mary Jo. NT BUZZ learns about the video to be launched on July 28 from the artists and more


After initiating with a movement to empower women through a track ‘Indian Lady’, Mumbai-based team of independent artists, ‘Collaboratorz’ and ‘MMfilms’ are collaborating with MJ Productions (Mary Jo Productions) to launch a new video on the Portuguese track ‘A Vida’ written and composed by independent singer and composer Mary Jo.

Mary Jo who is born and brought up in Goa composed a track ‘A Vida’ in Portuguese which means ‘life’. Mary says: “This track is a way to indicate how important nature is to enjoy life. Instead of getting busy in life, take a break and enjoy your surroundings.” says Mary who began singing professionally at the age of 15.

She mentions that after releasing a music album at the age of 17, she engaged herself in her marriage life. As artists, Mary and production head at MMfilms and Collaboratorz, Lloyd Paul were always in touch. “During one of our conversations we discussed about our works and thought of making a video on one of my songs. We selected ‘A Vida’ that I had composed years back. The video is directed by MMfilms and Collaboratorz and shot by cinematographer Lester Fernandes,” she says. It is shot at places around Betul, Curtorim and Margao.

Lloyd says that the reason they selected a Portuguese song for the video is because Goa has a Portuguese connect and its impact is slowly dying in Goa. Although Portuguese lyrics of the song may not be understood precisely by Goans, the catchy tune and rhythm draws all the attention of the ears.

“This is more than just a video; we are going back to the roots and history of Goa through this track. I believe in original music and our team is re-launching Mary Jo for her potential to rise up in the independent and commercial music industry,” Lloyd says.

Desiderio Gomes, Mary Jo’s husband has been her constant support and contributes an equal effort in the making of this video. He says: “Mary has a lot of potential and I have landed all my support to her talent. She manages our house and her professional life very well despite of several odds and I am proud of her.” However, Mary Jo says it is quite challenging but satisfying to manage her husband and two boys at home, and music shows outside.

A Portuguese cultural channel – RTP Channel has bought the rights of this Portuguese video ‘A Vida’. It will be launched on the channel on July 28. Besides, ‘A Vida’ will also be launched on the website of MMfilms and facebook page of Collaboratorz.

(Video on Portuguese song ‘A Vida’ by singer Mary Jo and team Collaboratorz and MMfilms will be launched on July 28 on,,, Portuguese cultural channel- RTP Channel)

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