Thursday , 21 March 2019

A tribute to artistes of yesteryears

On September 24, the Tiatr Academy of Goa will pay homage to the tiatrists, born in the month of September and have passed on, at the ‘Somplolea Tiatristancho Ugddas’

Khadda Minguel
Hailing from Durga-Chinchinnim, Khadda Minguel was a famed ‘mestri’. He spread the reach of khell all across the state. and is rightly called ‘Khellancho Raza’.
Seby Coutinho
A talented and a versatile actor, Seby Coutinho always studied his roles thoroughly, especially tragic ones and brought out the exact nature of his characters. roles he is best remembered for include those in ‘Khorkhos Ostori’, ‘Angounnechi Okol’, ‘Vavraddi’, ‘Atam Konn Ghatki’ and ‘Barabas’.
Philomena Braz
An actress and singer, Philomena Braz was first seen on the Konkani stage in Alfred Rose’s ‘Zotkaxi Dorji’ in 1963. She then acted with many directors including Saib Rocha, JP Souzalin, Kid Boxer, Prem Kumar, Jacinto Vaz, C Alvares, Dod de Verna, Nelson Afonso, Kamat de Assolna.
Peter D’Costa
Pedro Menino Da Costa popularly known as comedian Peter got his break in A M Pacheco’s khell-tiatr ‘Odruxtt’ and ‘Mr Romeo’. He was known for mimicking certain famous personalities from the tiatr, political, social and religious spectrum. He also wrote tiatrs and khell-tiatrs. and produced only one ‘Palov’. He was known for composing songs very quickly. some of his compiled works include ‘Upkar’, ‘Mahatma Gandhi’, ‘Circus’, ‘Very Good Bhakar’, ‘Abhi Tak Zinda Hai’
Prem Kumar
An actor, writer-director, Prem Kumar was also a fine composer. He also brought innovations to the Konkani stage: ‘Jack-Knife-Stage’, Revolving Stage, Half Slider Stage. He has written more than 50 tiatrs, the popular ones include ‘Vavraddi’, ‘Rinn’, ‘Dukh’, ‘Kakut’, ‘Jivit Ek Sopon’, etc. Prem Kumar has also produced a Konkani film, ‘Boglantt’.
Remmie Colaco
Composing over 500 songs, Remmie is known for hits ‘Ankvar Moriechem Dukh’, regularly broadcasted on All India Radio. He was also a very good playwright and director. His famous tiatrs include ‘Satvo Sakrament’, ‘Bhauponnancho Kaido’, ‘Chouto Mandament’, etc.
Rosalia Rodrigues
Born to a family with deep roots in tiatr, Rosalia stepped onto the tiatr stage very early. She won the ‘Best Actress Award’ in tiatr competitions organised by Kala Academy for three consecutive years. She was a good singer too and was last seen acting in Sammy Tavares’ tiatr, ‘Aplea Bhurgeam Sangatak’ and Junior Reagan’s ‘Teacher’ before her untimely demise at a very young age.
Star of Arossim
The stalwart of Konkani stage, Star of Arossim wrote and also played music for numerous tiatrs. He has around 15 recorded songs to his credit – ‘Nirmonn’, ‘Tambddem Bonder’, ‘Fulus Sott’ie’, ‘Birmoth’, ‘Honrad Tarvotti’, ‘Xit Koddi’, ‘Bai Go Rita’, ‘Bhoinni’, ‘Ladain’, ‘Marvoddo’, ‘Mog Thoddo Thoddo Korum-ia’. He has acted in the well appreciated Konkani film ‘Amchem Noxib’. He also sang ‘Yo Moga’ in that film.
Inacio Rosario Luis (Jal)
Inacio Rosario Luis was popularly known as Jal in the tiatr field. He was attracted to folk plays and music through his father. In Bombay, he began playing the drums for different bands. He also composed his own songs and sang in tiatrs. Jal played for cabaret shows in Delhi, Calcutta and Punjab. He also played the drums under Fidelis, Josinho, C P Dias, Juju, in Konkani tiatrs and khell-tiatrs of M Boyer, Prem Kumar, Anil Kumar, Jose Rod, Patrick Dourado, Menino de Bandar.

(This month’s programme will be held on Monday, September 24 at 4 p.m. at the Conference Hall of Tiatr Academy, Campal Trade Centre, Campal, Panaji. Open to all.)

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