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A symphony of little children

A symphony of little children

For the first time ever, Talent Education Association of India (TEAI) in collaboration with Kala Academy will organise ‘A Little Symphony, Suzuki children in concert’ on April 22 at 6.30 p.m. at Kala Academy. NT BUZZ speaks to the president of TEAI, Winston Collaco to find out more about TEAI, Suzuki method and a lot more.


Talent Education Association of India, was formed with the objective of promoting the Suzuki method to music education in India. In collaboration with Kala Academy the association is organising ‘A Little Symphony, Suzuki children in concert’ on April 22 at Kala Academy.

The concert will witness the performance of about 60 students between the age group of 3 years and 17 years who will play 23 pieces. The president further says: “the 23 pieces are various selections of short pieces for violin at different levels. Most pieces are from the Suzuki method violin books which are used to train the kids. They will be performed from memory as a group, some even in an ensemble form with viola and cello section. Besides that there are other pieces outside the Suzuki repertoire arranged for a group. These help to prepare children in the art of orchestral playing at a very young age.”

Explaining about the existence of TEAI Suzuki violin method in Goa, Collaco says: “TEAI Suzuki method for the violin has, however, been in use for a long time in Goa, Pune and perhaps even in other parts of India. Prior to the formation of TEAI, it was conducted by teachers who have either received certified Suzuki training in another country or been introduced to the teaching method by visiting foreign teachers.”

The goal of TEAI is to create a huge base of trained Suzuki method teachers in music across India. This will put India on the world Suzuki forum on par with other countries. He adds: “There is so much potential here in the children. Presently the known centres for the Suzuki method are Goa and Pune which has a very vibrant and dynamic Suzuki method school led by Rama Chobhe which has over 100 students.” Collaco also says that since there’s no accreditation process of Suzuki teachers in India teachers have to go overseas.

And as we all know anything that is told or taught in one’s own mother tongue is always understood better. In the Suzuki method it’s a common sight to see 3-year-olds holding an instrument like the violin which are available in very tiny sizes and who can be taught to play the very tunes it has been listening consistently if the proper method is followed.

“Children throughout the world speak their native language with utmost fluency. We take this accomplishment of a child, its natural ability to imitate, speak, and learn their mother tongue for granted. Late Shinichi Suzuki who pioneered this method of education believed that any child is able to display highly superior abilities if only the correct methods are used in training at an early age. Mother tongue method of education begins from early infancy,” adds Collaco.

When asked about the training period for Suzuki method, he replies saying that each instrument has different syllabus and levels are divided into book volumes. The period of learning differs from child to child. Collaco says:  In the violin, which is the main instrument of the upcoming concert, we have 10 volumes with different levels of repertoire graded according to the various technical skills that need to be acquired by the students.”

What is interesting to note is that the aim of this method is not to create professional musicians but noble characters that can touch hearts with beautiful music. Collaco says: “In our teaching process here, all children are taught skillfully so that their abilities and potential are developed to the fullest. Kids learning through this method need not have parents from a musical background. It is an individual choice to take music as a career.’


(Talent Education Association of India (TEAI) in collaboration with Kala Academy will organise ‘A Little Symphony, Suzuki children in concert’ on April 22 at 6.30 p.m. at Kala Academy. It is open to all)


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