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L to R: Milroy Goes Shashaa Tirupati Odin de Sa and Amaan Sheikh

A song worth a million


Film director Milroy Goes will soon be releasing his social thriller film ‘Welcome M1LL10NS’ (Welcome Millions) for which the title song ‘Welcome Million’ is written and composed by Goa-based Amaan Sheikh, track mixed by Odin de Sa and sung by Bollywood singer Shashaa Tirupati along with Amaan Sheikh. NT BUZZ interacts with the team to know more about the song and the film


The film ‘Welcome M1LL10NS’ is a suspense thriller which is shot in Goa and Punjab. It narrates a journey of a lazy police cop trying to tackle a smart criminal. Milroy’s film also pays tribute to veteran actor Razak Khan, who passed soon after completing the film shoot in Goa in the year 2016.

Not wanting to reveal the story of the film, Milroy says: “The film is a complete entertainment package that has suspense, thriller and entertainment elements in it. It features Joanne Da Cunha, Sohan Borcar, Les Menezes, and Manna Mohie. It not only has Goan and Punjabi actors but also features a post-credit scene filmed in Los Angeles featuring Hollywood actor Kathryn Michelle.”

It is a multi-lingual film that has dialogues in Hindi, Konkani, English and Punjabi. Renowned international band Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) have also featured their song “It’s Gonna Make Sense” in the movie, while the band member Mikkel Lentz contributed to the background score.

The promotional song for commercial release is ‘Welcome Millions’ written, composed and sung by Amaan Sheikh, track mixed and mastered by Odin de Sa and sung by Bollywood sensation Shashaa Tirupati.

The Canadian playback singer who has sung hits like: ‘The Humma song’ (Ok Jaanu), ‘Mechanical Sundariye’ (Robot 2.0), ‘Phir bhi tumko chahunga’ (Half Girlfriend), ‘O sona tere liye’ and ‘Chal Kahin Door’ (Mom) and several others, Shashaa Tirupati says: “It is a very different song from the other songs I have recorded so far. I liked the idea behind it. It is very thematic, empathetic and situational. It is my second song for a Konkani film; I had previously sung ‘Tunch Mhojem Jivit’.”

Giving details about the song, singer Amaan Sheikh says: “When I met Milroy, we discussed about the kind of song he wanted, the theme he was looking for. He wanted a song that described a man in a situation when he gets a lot of money suddenly, he also wanted the name ‘Welcome Millions’ in it.”

He soon started working on the song and then came up with the promotional song for the film that has lyrics in Hindi and the chorus in English.

Writing the song lyrically and conceptually has been done by Odin who also plays for the band and has produced and mixed the track for the film. The film is set to release in the coming year.

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