Sunday , 18 February 2018

A song for Carnival


This Carnival, musician Colin Dias is spreading cheerful vibes over social media with his latest music video ‘Chica Bella’. Colin initially did not think of it as a Carnival song, but the timing of its release went with the festivity. “Carnival is a much awaited festival for Goans. It is about relaxing and partying. Although I didn’t intend to do it for Carnival, I think it is perfect timing for my song,” he says.

Although the song is in English, the title is in Spanish and means  ‘young Bella’. The song has the rhythm of the soca music, a genre of the Caribbean music that originated in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and has a very lively party feel to it.

“Chica Bella has a very upbeat groovy soca tempo and rhythm to it and I felt that people would love the idea of a song that has a Carnival feel,” Colin says.

He adds that any songwriter and music producer expects appreciation from the listeners and is glad to have received positive responses with more than 5000 views on Facebook.

“My main aim is to produce good original songs. The listeners should instantly like to dance or relate to it emotionally. A lot of people got that feeling listening to ‘Chica Bella’. They have been sharing it among their relatives and friends.” Colin is an all-rounder and has been the lyricist, music composer, cinematographer, actor as well as editor of this song video. Now that the song is all over social media, Colin expects it to hit the floats across Goa. He says: “It would be my pleasure to assist anyone who wants to use this song during the parade. It is apt and lively for dancing and enjoying oneself.”


(To view the song check the Colin Dias’ Facebook page)

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