A Sickening Situation


HUMAN beings do get sick and obviously they need medical treatment. A sick person is hamstrung by lack of physical strength and vitality. Now how can a sick person take care of healthy human beings? Such is the political scenario in Goa. There are ministers who are sick. Some are receiving treatment in our country and others are abroad. And so their mobility is within their treatment area and their availability is limited. Yet they hang on to their power which is unfortunately bestowed upon them by the gullible electorates of the state. As a result, what the citizens of the state experience today is lack of governance. Drugs peddlers and abusers make hay in the state.  Looters and thieves are having field days. Those who poison the fish with formalin are not punished. Since they cannot nab the thieves some of the inefficient government agencies are booking unknown persons. The lives of travellers have been jeopardised as the highways, by-lanes and village roads are full of potholes, and have become unmotorable. Travelling on the roads, especially the Agassaim-Cortalim stretch, has become a nightmare. For hours the travellers are stranded on the road due to lack of assessment and monitoring of the situation by the government agencies. As a result, innocent citizens have been put to great inconvenience in the state for a long time now. Office-goers and students do not reach on time; ambulances get stuck in traffic jams. Instead of resolving the problems, the elected representatives seem to be hibernating in their cozy bungalows and offices. And others are on a spree of looting and plundering every bit of land in the state. Some citizens came out to protest yet solution seems to be a distant reality. Endurance level has reached its climax. If the government of the day cannot assess the situation and resolve it all the ministers and MLAs must resign to pave the way for Governor’s rule in the state.

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